General ?’s
When is the next FAB Presents campout?
Due to COVID 19, we will have two “Mini-Fabs” this year for adults, the first, July 1-4 and the second, July 8-11. To get more info on our plans, please join our email list by sending a message on the main page.
When is registration?
Official Registration for both 2021 events begins April 17. To get info on our plans and receive the registration link, please join our email list by sending a message on the main page.
How does registration work?
After you join the email list you will receive a link to register on April 17. Go to that link, pick one of the two campouts, add on a bar tab if needed (no CCs accepted, trying to limit cash handling), go to the check-out, pay, then receive an emailed receipt and address for the event.
What are the gate hours?
The gate opens at noon on Thursday and closes at 10pm each night during the events. For the safety of attendees, we have a security team at the gate overnight. You will not be allowed in if you arrive after 10pm.

What if I don't want to camp at the farm?
We want you too, but we know not everyone likes camping and we celebrate diversity! Registration is the same, whether camping or staying offsite, but remember – you’ll need to adhere to gate hours (see above). Check out rentals near Coulterville and Groveland (20 mins away).

What's the food situation?
Your registration includes buffet-style meals (breakfast 8:30-10am, lunch 12-1:30pm, dinner 5:30-7pm) prepared by masked kitchen crew and served outdoors. Expect omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, & gluten free options. We’ll have tea & coffee out by 8am. You’re welcome to bring coolers with food, though absolutely no campfires or stoves are allowed in this fire-sensitive region – burn ban is strictly in effect and you’ll want to lock coolers in a vehicle overnight (nature!).

When does registration end?
We will close registration when spots have been filled at both of our two “Mini-FABs” or June 14, whichever happens first.

Will you have discounted registration?
Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we will have two small Fabs this year. To get info on our plans, please join our mailer on the main page.
May I register for a single day?
We usually allow this, but since space is so limited this year, we will only be selling one category of camping pass, which covers Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

Are there payment plan options?
At this time no. If you have questions contact
How accessible is Big Table Ranch?
The camp area is fairly flat & car camping is available. We have staff to help you unload your car if you are in need of help, but you will need to set up and tear down your campsite on your own. The roads & paths are hard dirt. There is a slight grade to the property. The are a few stairs but we’ve made paths to get around them. There are two accessible bathrooms (camping area & Bar/Cafe area) and the showers are accessible as well. Our staff can help orient you to the property when you arrive. Please write Dawn at with any specific questions. We want to help. 

Can I cancel my registration/get a refund?
 Registration sales are final. There are no refunds except if there is a public health emergency due to COVID 19. Sorry to be hard about it but we purchase and build our infrastructure based on sales. People usually have no trouble selling unwanted passes in our private FB group.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?
See above.

What is the crowd like?
The crowd is predominantly women-identified, but includes feminist-minded people who reflect many aspects of the gender spectrum. There’s a sober contingent, people over 60, people under 30, people in between. There are camping enthusiasts, first time campers, music fans, people who like to hang by pools, couples, and single people. All good people are welcome into this women-centered space.

Are men welcome?
FABULOSA was created by women and for women, but feminist-minded people of all genders are welcome to join as allies in our celebration of women.

What does it mean to be inclusive of trans women?
From our inception, the FABULOSA collective set the intention of building a women-centered space that is inclusive across the gender spectrum. Transgender, gender variant, cis-female, and feminist-allied cis-male people perform on our stages and participate in leadership committees, volunteer teams, and other behind-the-scenes aspects of our annual party. In addition to gender-related inclusivity, we’ve sought to create space that lifts up the experiences of women of color, working-class women, mothers, women of different abilities, and women with various educational backgrounds. We are aware of systemic and intersecting discrimination that has impacted women in our community, and we seek to unite with broader queer and allied communities in support of women in this living, evolving project. Our collective is a work-in-progress, run completely by volunteers, believing in the importance and necessity of nurturing women-centered spaces. As we continue to grow this community project, we welcome feedback, ideas, and collaboration that might help us to improve and strengthen our practice and our commitment to community.

Getting There

What's the location?
The campouts happen on a 35 acre ranch, close to Groveland and Coulterville, CA, near Yosemite National Park. The address will be provided in your registration receipt.
How far is this from the Bay Area?
2.5-3 hours from the Bay Area (5-5.5 hours from LA).
Is there a shuttle service for FAB parties?
No. There will be a ride share thread in the private FB group beginning June 1.
At the Party
May I register at the gate?
There is no registration at the gate. Registration ends June 14th. With space so limited this year, please register early to assure your spot. 
What do I need to bring to get in?
You’ll need to show a print-out or screenshot of your (emailed) receipt AND your ID upon arrival to receive your wristband. Mobile service is not great at the ranch, so if you opt to go paperless, please SAVE THE IMAGE on your device, in case you’re not able to access email at the gate.
What if I lose my wristband?
Don’t let it happen – you only get one of those puppies – keep it on! They are waterproof/easy to clean.
Can I arrive outside of gate hours?
No. Outside of emergencies, gate closes at 10pm nightly.
Is Thursday July 1st or July 8th at 1pm the earliest I can arrive?
YES! We are so busy setting up until then & won’t be able to help early arrivals. We suggest stopping in Groveland or Coulterville, wonderful and historic gold mining towns with shops and restaurants, if you arrive early.
Can I leave FAB parties with my car after I've entered?
Yes, but parking spots are not reserved. Our FAB bar sells ice, toiletries, & over-the counter meds at the same price as the local grocery, hopefully alleviating the need to leave ’til you’re ready to head back home.
How will parking work?
Parking is mostly limited to the upper meadow. There are a few spots in the lower area that a 4×4 can get to. We have space for about 100 cars to car camp (first come first served) and still more space to park near where you camp. Thank you for carpooling!
Is there a lost and found?
Yes. We have a lost and found in the Bar/Cafe area during the party. Items not claimed will be taken to El Rio (3158 Mission St) in San Francisco & held for one month. Put your name & number on anything special – we will try to find!
Will my cell work?
Depends on your phone & provider. Many do, but come prepared to unplug! Verizon does well. With AT&T you have to walk around to find a signal.
Is there an emergency number I can give my family if they need to find me?
Yes. 209-878-0123 is the ranch office land line. The office is not staffed during the campout, but messages are checked 4 times every day.
Is there any power available so I can charge my phone...?
There will be charging stations at the Big House & the Bar/Cafe.
Is there WiFi at the farm?
Come prepared to unplug. We have an extremely slow, low-power satellite WiFi for emergency use only. We reserve connection for people who have unexpected situations arise.
Will there be an ATM onsite?
No. Please come prepared with cash for drinks and FAB merch at our Bar/Cafe or, better yet, purchase a bar tab (in increments of $10) when you register. There is an ATM a few miles away if you need more cash.
Is there swimming?
There are two small pools (one added in 2021) and also a natural, spring-fed cistern for swimming. Currently, the creek is flowing, but we aren’t sure if it will be in July.
Can I bring floaties?
Small ones are good, but the pools are not huge, so please leave rafts and giant floats at home.
What if I get sick?
We have an onsite NP to help. Find a FAB Crew member or go to the Cafe/Bar and they can radio in for you.
What if I need some small item like batteries, tampons, earplugs...?
We make a store at the Cafe/Bar for small items like these, with items priced the same as the nearby grocery. Reminder – when camping, it suggested to bring 1 gallon of water per day. 
Can I bring my own alcohol?
Yes, as of 2017 this is allowed, but PLEASE do not bring ANY glass containers. Use flasks, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc. instead. Barefoot humans & animals alike depend on us abiding by this rule – it’s super important. Thank You for being respectful of others.
Will you have beverages for sale?
You bet! Coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices & water, beer, wine, & specialty cocktails and mocktails at the Bar. Coffee & Tea are ON THE HOUSE & will be available when the Bar/Café is open and during mealtimes.
Will there be food on-site?
Yes. Breakfast, lunch, & dinner are included with your registration. All meals are prepared by masked crew and served outdoors, buffet-style and have omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, & gluten free options. You are welcome to bring coolers with food as well, but be mindful of local wildlife. Lock your food in your car! No campfires or stoves are allowed on the property – strict burn ban due to too many fires in the area. We also run our own bar & cafe which will be open most hours of the fest. Here you can find drinks for purchase. 
Can I bring my dog?
We only allow service dogs.
Is there a designated smoking area?
Yes, at the horse corral, near designated buckets. There have been SO MANY devastating forest fires in this area. Please think of the people & animals that call Yosemite home & be EXTREMELY careful when smoking! We cannot stress this enough. And Thank You in advance for ONLY putting out your cigarettes in the sand buckets provided.
Lodging/Camping ?’s
What is the weather like?
Averages: Daytime 85-95*F, nighttime can be in the low 60’sF. Even though we are in July & the weather is typically beautiful, come prepared in case of rare cooler weather & even rain.
What type of camping options are there?
We have a lot of space for camping & have remote/private sites, plus several general camping areas. There are a limited number of Car Camping spots (park next to your tent) on a first come, first served basis. This year only, we are offering an early riser zone near the meal house (mellow morning music begins at 9am, quiet time begins 10pm, sharp), and 2 night owl zones, that will be within hearing proximity of the nighttime dance parties (til midnight).
What is the camping area like?
It’s a large, fairly flat, partially shaded area near the top of the property. There is one parking lot just below the camp sites & a 2nd lot farther away for overflow. There are port o potties throughout the area. Single-stall, heated outdoor showers are close by.
Can we reserve campsites?
All campsites are first-come, first-served.
Can I arrive early and hold a campsite for a friend?
We do allow you to hold one space for a friend arriving the same day. Space must be released to others the next morning.

Can I sleep in my vehicle?
Can I unload my car and then go park if camping?
The parking area for campers is directly next to the campsites. You will park first, then unload. We have two parking areas for campers and will use the 2nd one (farther away) when the first fills, so arrive Wednesday for the best spots.
Is there a Family Camp?
Our 2021 Mini-FABs will be adult only, with the exception of 2 essential kitchen workers we can’t do without. Thank you for understanding all the changes we’ve made for 2021 due to size reduction, COVID, etc.

Are there campsites just for RV's?
There are a very limited number of RV spots (25 foot or less). No hook-ups. Please email us (via the main page) after you register and let us know what weekend you need RV space, and how big your vehicle is. We will remove this text when RV spots are full.

Are there any other lodging options besides setting up my own camp?
There are hotels and rental houses in Groveland, Coulterville, etc. – just remember, you must adhere to gate hours for arriving at the property (10am-10pm).

Is anything banned at FAB Parties?
Campfires and open flames are strictly banned because of the time of year/drought conditions & it is essential that we respect this. We may have a strictly-controlled, central firepit in the evening depending on our county burn restrictions. Also prohibited: GLASS containers of any kind (bring alcohol in flasks, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans only), fireworks(!), illegal things, mopeds, golf carts, & generators. We ask that you bring nothing louder than a personal radio to the festival.
Broken glass is a big issue on the land, as it can hurt both people & forest creatures.  We will be confirming at your arrival that you have no glass with you. Reminder to pack out all garbage & recyclables with you when you leave. Please bring trash bags so you’r ready.
Will there be water for me to drink on site?
There will be coolers of tap water at spots around the ranch, but we highly suggest you bring at least one gallon per day per person.
Will there be ice on site?
We’ll have some for sale, cash or bar tab only.
Can I cook my own food/use a propane stove?
No, we are in fire season in this area – no stoves or fires at all – this is really important – zero tolerance.
Can I build my own fire?
No, we are in fire season in this area – no stoves or fires at all – this is really important – zero tolerance.
Can I use a generator?
Can I bring my own sound system?
Hand-held players and teeny-tiny speakers are fine – nothing you can hear more than 6 feet away, please.
Is there power available in the campsites?
We are not wired for power at the campsites. There are solar lights for direction and lights in the Port O Potties. Remember to bring a flashlight. We have a personal device charging station at the Café/Bar.
Are there bathrooms?
We have Port o Potties throughout the property: 8 total, 2 accessible, with multiple hand washing stations. We will check them often for cleanliness & they will be serviced during the events. We appreciate you leaving them nice for folks following you, closing lids, wiping seats if you “sprinkle,” and alerting us to any issues right away. Please assume the person after you is going to sit down and consider their experience.
Are there showers and a sink to wash up?
Yes.  We have 3 private-stall outdoor showers on the property, 1 is assessable. Showers are operated on well water, so please be very conscious of water usage. Because of the grey water system, we can only allow Brommers Organic Biodegradable soap (provided) in the showers. Showers run 24 hrs but will be closed several times a day for cleaning.

Next to the showers, there is a cold water sink system for washing up. These sinks are open all hours.