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There are half as many volunteer positions this year so get your application in early!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteer at FABULOSA 2016 in exchange for the price of a 4 day ticket* to the festival! Work with your friends and in addition to an event pass, receive a camping pass for one 2-person tent, all meals, a FABULOSA 2016 t-shirt (supplies limited) and an incredible behind-the-scenes adventure!

The backbone of FABULOSA are the volunteers. We are especially grateful to the wonderful souls that help with set-up and packing-up. Their hard work and dedication is beyond measure.

There are a limited number of these positions so apply early! 

Event Details at a Glance

  •  All volunteers are applying to be General Volunteers.
  • You will be able to make two top choices from the list of Teams below. There will be 3 volunteer teams.
  • Team 1- All positions filled! Arrive Sunday Sept 11th 1p for Festival Setup. You will camp on the property. Meals are covered. You work prior to the Fest only. It’s a lot of work but you get the satisfaction of seeing Fabulosa go from nothing to fully set up. Once we open to the public, you are a free bird!!
  • Team 2-  Members will work 14 hours during the Fest from 11 am on Sept 15th until noon Sept 18th. You may work with the Gate/Parking Team or the Security Team. Please let us know your preference on your application.
  • Team 3- All positions filled! You begin Sunday 1pm for our break down, pack up and return of supplies to our storage. We work till 5p and most of Monday. You can camp on the property. Meals are covered. We definitely have a little party when done!!
    You don’t do any hours during the Fest.

Steps to Volunteering

  1. Read the FAQ – The FAQ addresses more information about volunteering, including important rules and regulations regarding the refund of the price of your ticket.
  2. Submit Application – Be sure to tell us your skills and preferred Teams as we use this information when putting together your schedule.
  3. Purchase Your Ticket & Sign Waiver – In order to secure a volunteer spot, you must purchase a 4 or 6 day event pass. TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED BY August 14th. You must also sign the waiver saying you agree to the terms and conditions of the volunteer position.. Please see all applicable terms in the application as well as FAQ.
  4. Check Email – Be sure to accept emails from volunteer@fabulosa.org. Important information will be delivered to the email address you provide.

You must be 18 years or older to volunteer.

Work Requirements:

14 hours during the Festival
18 hours pre or post Festival

This is the average minimum – some work a little more, some a little less.

Volunteer Positions during the Festival:
1. Ticketing/Front Gate/Parking
2. Security
Your Ticket Price
Purchasing your event ticket is required to lock in your volunteer spot. Tickets MUST BE PURCHASED BY AUGUST 14th. It is a deposit. The price of a 4 day event ticket will be refunded after work assignments have been completed in compliance with FABULOSA 2016 rules and regulations. We typically refund you 7 business days post Fest. *For those purchasing a 6 day ticket, you will either be refunded the price of a 4 day ticket and you will work 14 hours or you will be refunded the entire price of the 6 day ticket for working an additional 7 hours.
Check In Date: 1 hour before your first shift.
Accommodation: Camping (Camping gear is not provided)

Fill out our:

Volunteer Application