Ticket info for 2016

When do tickets go on sale?
Early Bird Tickets begin May 1st, 2019.
How much are the Tickets?
5 days(Tue-Sun): $
3 days(Thur-Sun): $
Ticket price is based on when you purchase. Besides the additional 2 days, Wed-Thur will be focused on small group activities and workshops. There are 60 tickets available for these extra 2 days.  There will be no tickets at the gate.
Will you have discounted tickets?
Yes. We have discounts for elders, children, and the disabled, plus full/partial need-based scholarships. All online tickets will be discounted as well.
What's included in a 3 Day Weekend Pass?
3 days of camping, fest activities, classes, concerts, dj parties, meals and showers. It’s all inclusive except drinks at the bars. Drinks at the bars are cash only.
What's included in a 5 Day Week Pass?
5 days of camping, fest activities, classes, concerts, dj parties, meals, showers.  It’s all inclusive except drinks at the bars which are cash only and not included.
There are lodging options in the area of Coulterville (5 mins away) and Groveland (20 mins away).
What are the hours for gate access?
Gate hours are 2p-10p Wednesday, 10a-10p  Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 10a-2p Sunday. You must arrive and leave during gate hours.
Are there any payment plan options?
At this time no, but if we find that enough folks need it, we will make it happen.
Will there be tickets at the gate?
No. We are a private event and thus no tickets at the gate.
Will there be will call tickets?
No. You need to print your ticket (email receipt) and bring it with you. You will need your ID as well.
What if I don't want to camp on the land?
There are a lot of vacation homes close by. Check out VRBO in Groveland. This is a fabulous vacation/retirement community 20 mins away.
Can I cancel my ticket/get a refund?
No. All ticket sales are final.
Can I give my ticket to another person?
Yes. Write us way ahead of time at info@fabulosa.org and we will make the change by hand. And remind the other person to check our site for all Fest info and to bring their ID. Last date to transfer your ticket to another person is September 5th.